Football Matters
Football Matters
Football Matters
Football Matters

We must direct our kids in an area where they can benefit, their families can benefit and our country can benefit, and that’s education. – Andrew Bascome

Our Focus

Two groups of stakeholders in football have the most important roles for the development of the sport; the players and the coaches. In order to progress the players, we need teachers who can teach them the game to today’s requirements. That is why our first five years have been solely dedicated to the education and licensing of the coaches, and the infrastructure around those aspects, to allow them to become full time paid professionals, should they wish to. Only once that objective has been reached, can we truly turn to the players. ABC Football Foundation now takes its focus to the second half of this challenge, and the next three to five  years will be primarily focused on the players, their development, their challenges, and their rewards.


Football has a significant role to play in the development of youth in Bermuda, however, before we can expect ANY material change in our youth’s behaviours and their development, we must education and develop a number of key stakeholders… particularly coaches and the organisations who focus on developing the players to allow them to live their dreams.


What fuels our passion for the sport is our understanding that FOOTBALL MATTERS. It matters in many aspects of our life in Bermuda and as global citizens. It connects people young and old through the roles of COACHES, COMMUNITY, PLAYERS and PARENTS.


ABC Football Foundation sole focus is to help develop football in Bermuda to standards and requirements in line with international expectations, recognizing that football is a truly global sport, with global opportunities for players, teams, coaches, and administrators.


Our Impact

1) Authored four coaching handbooks together with UEFA grassroots development office Jacques Crevoisier.

2) Implemented together with Jacques Crevoisier UEFA B and C equivalency license programs in Bermuda with over 175 coaches certified.

3) Co-founded Bermuda Football Coaches Association.

4) Implemented a public primary school football development program using our own licensed coaches.

5) Supported the formation of the first professional football management company in Bermuda, which is now working with four local clubs in youth development, administration, fund raising and other important areas.

6) Have the first UEFA B licensed full time coaches on payroll.